Rumer Willis and Jayson Blair post Instagram selfies after dinner with pal

Rumer Willis and Jayson Blair post Instagram selfies after dinner with pal

The year-old singer and actress was joined by her boyfriend Jayson Blair, who she has been dating for around four months. The happy couple were spotted sharing an affectionate moment in the ocean while playing in the surf, looking very happy and relaxed together. The eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Rumer Willis opted a white tank top that she teamed with a green floral skirt for the outing. The brunette beauty wore a black cardigan and heavy biker boots to complete her appearance before revealing a blue and white swimsuit in the sand. Meanwhile, her handsome actor boyfriend Jayson Blair went shirtless in some blue swim trunks as he spent the day of romance with his lady love. The lovebirds seemed to be very much in love as they smooched in the surf, enjoying the Miami beach sunshine together with a passionate kiss. Jayson Blair even showed off his strength when he playfully picked his girlfriend Rumer Willis up and tossed her into the water. Rumer Willis and her boyfriend Jayson Blair relax in a VIP cabana on the foreshore as the couple enjoy an uber romantic break on the beach in Miami, Florida on Thursday November 8, Rumer Willis wears a white tank top paired with a green floral skirt. She opts dark sunglasses and heavy biker boots to finish off her look.

The Hard Times of RJ Berger

There can be some hidden blessings to being involved in a public manic episode. By Jayson Blair One recent morning after a restful sleep, I was greeted by my house walls being covered with a colorful array of Post-It notes with strange messages. Posters and stickers were attached to the walls and doorways. A pyramid made of grilled cheese sandwiches and rolls of toilet paper stood on top of the washing machine.

Rumer Willis & Jayson Blair Split As Demi Moore finalizes her divorce from Ashton Kutcher, her daughter, Rumer Willis is going through a breakup of her own. The year-old recently broke up with her boyfriend, Jayson Blair, after just more than a year of dating.

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Rumer Willis, Jayson Blair Dating: Couple Steps Out In Hollywood (PHOTOS)

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Rumor has it that Rumer Willis and Jayson Blair have broken up after a year of dating. News of the pair’s split was first reported on Wednesday, Nov. 6. The year-old singer and the year-old.

Tanya Young Williams, at the Basketball Wives premiere last month, discusses domestic abuse Her basketball star husband Jayson Williams is in jail on an aggravated assault charge stemming from the shotgun death of a limo driver back in And now Tanya Young Williams is speaking out about the domestic violence she suffered at the hands of her estranged husband during their marriage.

Tanya is one of the cast members of the new spin-off show Basketball Wives LA, which premiered in the U. However, with parole recommended after 18 months, he could be leaving prison in seven months time, with Tanya wishing him ‘nothing but the best. Tanya filed for divorce from Jason two years ago and is bringing up their She adds: I want him to be a great father to my children.

Rumer Willis Gets Hard For Hard Times Star?

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Aug 24,  · “Especially my partner in crime mister @jayson_blair and my amazing mom. #big25 #overthehill.” She also thanked her actor boyfriend Jayson Blair, whom she’s been dating .

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Aiden (Jayson Blair) is torn over whether or not he should tell his father (Dylan Walsh) the truth about the woman he is dating. Meanwhile, Ida (Gillian Vigman) seems to be struggling with Peter’s new relationship, which starts to cause problems in her own s: 4.

Sam is currently single and was kind enough to lend us his thoughts and advice on how he lives a fulfilling, happy, single, and frugal life. I never imagined being single for this long. I never imagined declining offers from friends to spend the night out on the town, get buzzed, and clumsily talk to women. I never imagined deleting my dating profiles and focusing on my budget.

But even more, I never imagined liking it — until now. See, being frugal was something my grandparents showed me.

Jayson Blair returns as a life coach

We sat down with Blair during his recent trip to New York City to talk about audition strategies, putting a time limit on making it, and humping chairs to get a job. Originally, you were just supposed to be a guest star, right? The way it worked in the breakdown was guest star with the possibility to recur. The audition scene was literally one scene, but on that one page, the girl I was dating at the time and I worked on it for four and a half hours.

Tell us your best and worst dating stories, and our cast will re-enact them in Crush, the hottest date spot in town. Each date is observed by our host and favorite waitress Iris, who offers us her insightful, clever and sometimes biting advice about how to survive the world of dating.

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Although sometimes it is easy to forget, our favorite TV characters are often living completely different realities than the actors behind them, who have their own families, spouses, and children. Terrence married his third wife, former model Miranda Pak, otherwise known as Mira, in and they welcomed their first child together in , only months before they got divorced.

Detroit Free Press’ Stephen Henderson Out After Harassment Investigation

Rumer Willis has been able to win over plenty of hearts and is loved by many for her scintillating works on screen. But those who love her professional life are sure to be keen on her personal life as well as it is normal to peek into someone’s life when you adore the person. Also, she has been in the spotlight for having had a reunion with her ex-boyfriend. How true is this?

By Jayson Blair One recent morning after a restful sleep, I was greeted by my house walls being covered with a colorful array of Post-It notes with strange messages. Posters and stickers were attached to the walls and doorways.

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She was in a relationship with a co-star which was going well, and then for the past month has been out of control.

Rumer Willis and boyfriend Jayson Blair arrive at 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

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