Payday 2: Hell Version, or Goreday

Payday 2: Hell Version, or Goreday

Heat The hockey mask is an allusion to the ones worn in the movie’s introductory heist. Done again with the community mask “Hockey Heat”, which is a more-accurate-to-the-movie version; wearing it for the first time unlocks the “Heat Around the Corner” achievement, referencing the movie’s Title Drop speech that is even written in full for the mask description. Leveling to Infamy Level 1 unlocks a mask called “The Heat” that is just a pair of sunglasses from the movie. The description even alludes to how only total badasses rob banks with only shades as a disguise, as the characters do during their main bank heist. The achievement title is also a direct quote from the film. The Park and Underpass heists each use half of the method used to stop the car in the movie; in Park, the transports are rammed with a tow truck, and in Underpass, they’re blocked with an ambulance. You can also blow open the trucks with C4 like in the movie, rather than the game’s standard slow drilling though you’ll destroy some of the loot this way. The pre-overhaul high-end Mastermind skill Kilmer, which allowed you to reload faster and while running, is a reference to the actor Val Kilmer , who co-starred in the film and whose positioning, cover and reloading in the running bank heist shootout are well-regarded by military professionals. Word of God has said that the Mastermind class, due to its specialization in leading and controlling, is based around Neil McCauley Robert DeNiro ‘s character.

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Anti Voice Spam 2. This mod blacklists certain voicelines, so that they can be played and heard normally by their original sources in the game, but cannot be forcibly “spoken” by other players.

Hide Filter Settings Last updated Feb. Spice up your fap sessions with a random fap roulette! Press the button at the bottom-right of your screen to roll for a random roulette. Match the letters and numbers in the top-right of your screen to the corresponding letters and numbers on the roulette that you rolled for to see what you have to do.

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Bain Chatter Do you get bored while waiting for the thermal drill to finish but are too comfortable to wear that clunky armor and do it loud? Did you ever wish you could hear more of Bain Honestly, who doesn’t? Then this mod will be perfect for you. While waiting around for that damn drill to finish or while shooting cops – I’m not judging , you can now ask questions to Bain via chat.

Certain words and phrases will trigger a vocal response from Bain that will be hearable by all players in your lobby “your” as in: You have to be the host. So go on, download the mod and find out what Bain has to say or be a party pooper and look through the code to find out!

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Infinite experience and money and all weapons and mods Load the “Rats” mission from the Crime. The “Rats” mission will become available once you reach Level Play through the mission until you reach the “Bus Stop” side mission. The “Bus Stop” side mission requires you to kill all of Mendoza’s men on the bus. It can be completed in 37 seconds. Kill all the men on the bus, then run back to the helicopter.

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Its gameplay has been significantly improved and now it is more similar to a RPG, and that is not the only improvement, the gun combat is one of the biggest changes. During the robberies, you will be able to take hostages, but be careful; they can prevent you from a successful heist. To keep your hostages under your control, you have a special skill named Mastermind’s Dominator. Also, the role of the security cameras has been improved, if a player stays too long in front of one, he will make the alarms to go off.

And even worse, if he is wearing a mask, the alarms will ring faster. How to play The main objective of this release is to be successful in your heist and get cash to buy items to improve in the next ones. Besides, you can get items in your robberies which will help you in the next ones. The game is very realistic, once the workers of the banks notice your intentions, they will call the police, and depending on how you play, its strategy will be different. If you are violent, aggressive, or if you get hostages, their strategy will be more elaborated, for instance, by placing snipers in the bordering buildings.

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Sign up or login to join the discussions! Stay logged in Sign up to comment and more Sign up No longer pay to win — Payday 2 rolls back microtransactions after fan outrage Players can now unlock new weapon mods without opening their wallets. Oct 21, 4: So when this year’s event required players to pay real money to unlock some random loot drops, many players weren’t happy. Last week, Starbreeze Studios parent of Payday 2 developer Overkill Software announced it was “join[ing] the Steam economy” with a “Black Market” update.

Those safes contain new weapon skins, some of which come packed with special gameplay modifications and stat boosts, and all of which can be sold and traded through Steam’s marketplace.

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Payday 2 community erupts in anger at addition of stat-changing microtransactions Safe or sorry? The move comes two years after producer Almir Listo reassured the game’s community over fears Overkill would do just this – by saying that it wouldn’t. An unfortunately-named gun in PayDay 2. God, I hope not. PayDay 2 will now let you crack open safes for random drops of loot.

Inside are weapon skins with gameplay-changing effects that you can either use yourself or choose to sell on. The whole thing links up with Steam’s own Community Market, where items can be resold or traded among players. It’s a similar system to other shooters such as Team Fortress 2, although that game is available for free. The official PayDay 2 Reddit has been swamped with complaints.

Other fans are trying to rally the community together to tag the game with the label “microtransactions” on Steam, leave negative reviews, and stop playing the game altogether until Overkill responds. PayDay 2 is now past its third birthday and continues to be a success on Steam. The shooter is also available for consoles and recently launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – although the Xbox One port arrived in a broken state.

A large number of free and paid-for DLC packs are available.

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